3CX Cloud Hosting

The demand for Cloud-based IP-PBX features is growing. The concept of a Virtual PBX is attractive to smaller customers but, until today, would only come at a price: existing Virtual PBXs have limited feature sets, complicated and expensive licensing models, and cumbersome administrative procedures. This has obvious downsides for both customers and resellers.

Cloud-Based PBX done RIGHT

Enter 3CX Cloud Hosting, a hosting-based solution designed for MSPs and VoIP resellers, allowing a reseller to do what he is best at – RESELL an arms-length solution to his client base. The reseller has the technical complexities taken away from the equation, and can rely on a hardware and networking platform designed specifically to scale as his clients grow, and propose an offering to his clients that does not require the end user to maintain an in-house server. All this backed by a technical support centre run by the most skilled people in the business.

Rather than a scaled down basic PBX, you can offer your customers a fully virtualised 3CX Phone System instance, together with the advanced feature set that 3CX is known for. Enterprise PBX features, unified communications and broad client support, backed by a global brand. Now you can offer customers a Virtual, Cloud-based PBX without compromising functionality.

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